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Enchanted Arms for PS3

Out this year in Japan.

From Software's RPG Enchanted Arms (Enchant Arm in Japan) is definitely on its way to PlayStation 3 after all, and should be out in the Far East by the end of the year.

Last week the developer was caught blathering about the possibility in Famitsu, but as you'll see if you hit the game's official website, it's definitely on.

Previously an Xbox 360 exclusive, Enchanted Arms is published in the UK by Ubisoft, and is a turn-based affair about directing creatures as a sort of enchanter-in-training over the course of an adventure Ubisoft claims takes about 50 hours to finish.

Speculation's been rife for a while that the game would make the switch to PS3, and it seems likely, given the announcement's timing, that From plans to show off a Sony version at next week's Tokyo Game Show ahead of the PS3's launch in Japan on November 11th.