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E3: Sony meant to set Killzone expectations high - Harrison

Tells EG that it'll clear them.

Phil Harrison has told Eurogamer that Sony intended to set expectations incredibly high with its controversial E3 2005 trailer for Killzone 2 - and plans to exceed them with the finished product.

"It's a very important game because the anticipation was set so high, which we were conscious of - it was not accidental," Harrison told us following a presentation of the game in Santa Monica.

"It was important to demonstrate clearly that we have a real-time playable game that exceeds the expectations that we set for it."

Harrison said that Killzone 2 conveyed "the technical capability of the platform and the creative capability of the platform", and paid tribute to developer Guerrilla Games' "incredible skill and talent".

Killzone 2 would, he said, "deliver their original vision" when it launched exclusively on PlayStation 3. "For many reasons, it's an important product for us," he concluded.

The game, whose first in-game screenshot generated enormous interest when it was unveiled today, casts the player into a non-stop war against the semi-human Helghast, with Guerrilla telling journalists that the demo shown on Tuesday evening drew upon virtually all of the PS3's many important capabilities - including Blu-ray discs, which it said were necessary for the game to offer visual detail in depth.

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