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Bomberman coming to X360

And the PSP, too. Scorchio!

Following his most recent campaign of explosive entertainment on the Nintendo DS, we've just heard that Bomberman is planning to leave his scorch marks on both Xbox 360 and PSP.

The 360 version, Bomberman Act Zero, pits you against a horde of wannabe super soldiers deep within an experimental underground facility. Everyone's equipped with armoured battle suits, and it's a simple matter of kill or be killed in your efforts to escape. There are 99 stages, a wealth of armour enhancements and special items to snag and of course "breathtaking high resolution graphics."

There's also a range of character customisation options from gender to colour, armour type and accessories, and up to eight player classic battles via Xbox Live - with the obligatory achievements and points system for world rankings.

Bomberman's PSP debut sounds pretty comprehensive, featuring classic Bomberman characters and environments magically turned into glorious 3D. The normal single-player mode includes a new item storing system so you can strategically plan your use of special weapons and bonuses, and a hundred levels to blast your way through.

Then there's classic mode, with over 50 different levels. And once you've had enough of the solo stuff, you can hook up with friends in over twenty new Wi-Fi multiplayer battle stages with customisable gameplay modes - or there's game sharing for up to four players using a single UMD.

Bomberman PSP and Bomberman Act Zero are both down for release this autumn.

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