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Perfect Dark Zero details

Careless talk costs Xbox Live.

That's the trouble with behind-closed-doors presentations. Someone's bound to talk about what they've seen, and if you're really unlucky they'll even go blathering about it all over the Internet.

Which is what's just happened to Rare after showing off Perfect Dark Zero for Xbox 360 at a top-secret event. Amongst the attendees were members of a clan called PMS, who failed to contain their excitement during an Xbox Live interview for Gamertagradio.com.

After waxing lyrical about the virtues of the new console ("Everyone's gonna bow down!" apparently), they revealed that the game will make use of an EyeToy-style camera which scans your body to create an in-game avatar for multiplayer matches.

In addition, PMS said, there will be more than 20 weapons including a gun that makes the user invisible, along with the usual rocket launchers and generally "any kind of thing that your trigger finger would feel comfortable shooting."

Plus there are jetpacks for flying about the place, and you can choose which point to respawn from so you get straight back into the thick of the action.

There's no official release date for Project Dark Zero, though rumour has it the game will be an Xbox 360 launch title. There's also been talk of an online multiplayer mode, plus an "anti co-op" game that sees one player taking on the role of heroine Joanna while the other steps into the shoes of her arch enemy. Expect more at E3.