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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Hear Kameo's story

In a series of podcasts.

Microsoft has announced plans to release an eight-part series of podcasts revealing the story behind forthcoming Xbox 360 title Kameo: Elements of Power.

The podcasts will be available from the game's official website - and you can choose whether to download a new chapter each week, or subscribe to have them delivered straight to your preferred podcasting program and/or audio device.

The first chapter will reveal the secrets of the Wotnot book, a magical tome which controls nature and the Elemental Warriors. You'll also learn about the titular Element of Power, a mystical jewel that gives the owner magical powers of transformation. As the series progresses you'll get to meet characters from the game, including Kameo, Ortho and Mystic.

Kameo will most likely hit European shop shelves on December 2, the same day as the Xbox 360. Developed by Rare, it's a key title for Microsoft and one of the most eagerly-anticipated games for their new console. In fact it's such a big deal there are already plans to do an animated film based on the game, don't you know.