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Justice League coming to DS

And Game Boy Advance.

Later this year we'll see the release of Justice League Heroes for Xbox, PS2 and PSP - and, Eidos has just revealed, for Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance.

The DS version is a prequel to the console games, and sees you using the stylus to unleash the powers of Batman, Superman, The Flash and Wonder Woman. You can expect destructible environments, and you'll be able to call on other superheroes such as Aquaman and Green Arrow for help.

Justice League Heroes: The Flash, to give the GBA game its full title, sees you playing as, well, The Flash - otherwise known as The Fastest Man Alive. You can use his Speed Force to take down enemies before they know what's hit them, perform combo attacks and slow down time. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and a variety of other superheroes will step in and perform super attacks at your request.

The Justice League Heroes games will get a simultaneous release in the US and Europe this autumn.