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TrackMania motion sickness warning

"It's so fast it could hurt you," seems to be the gist of it. Go on then, have some more publicity you sly devils.

Publisher Digital Jesters has issued a brief missive advising gamers keen to tackle its latest release, TrackMania Sunrise, that the fast-paced puzzle/racing game might cause motion sickness over long periods of play.

"The game... has proved so disorientating, the game's testers have been hit by bouts of motion sickness," the statement reads.

DJs suggests taking regular breaks, sitting back from the screen, not jumping around whilst playing, using the out of car view for extended periods, and drinking heavily - as long as it's water.

Which is all very similar to what it says in the manual concerning epilepsy, but not motion sickness. Those who've suffered the condition in the past might want to try out the demo version of the game available from Eurofiles to see how it affects them before handing over their readies.

"Whilst we're proud of the sensation of speed and movement offered by TrackMania Sunrise, we're keen to ensure that our players remain safe and healthy," Leo Zullo, Marketing Director, Digital Jesters, said yesterday.

"Whilst there's absolutely no danger of long-term damage through playing the game, it's possible those that playing for a significant period may experience dizziness and headaches, so we've issued these guidelines in order to make sure our customers enjoy TrackMania Sunrise in a risk-free manner."

For our part, we experienced giddy heights and prolonged periods of shouting and gesticulating wildly whenever we wound up in the drink during the latter stages of a Serie Cup. As such, we'd like to suggest that gamers also remove any breakable objects from the playing area.

And we'd advise virtually everybody to buy the game, incidentally.

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