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GTA LCS to be cheapish?

No word on next-gen GTA.

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Take-Two's CEO Paul Eibeler has hinted that Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - the pretty blatantly cynical PS2 port of the PSP game - will be a pretty blatantly cynical port, but it might not cost as much as usual.

Speaking to investors, he rabbited on a bit about pricing. "We've delivered a new game for the PSP, that's a $249 purchase, and we're looking at lower pricing on Liberty City Stories for the console, which is a $149 or below purchase," he said, vaguely comprehensibly.

Elsewhere, Eibeler wouldn't be drawn on Take-Two's position with regard to the PS3 ("our crystal ball doesn't address [its release date]," he quipped), but did give indications that we're not going to see a next-gen Grand Theft Auto game until fiscal 2007 at the earliest - i.e. not for ages.

No news either of Table Tennis for Xbox 360, which Rockstar announced this month. Although you can probably guess what that's like anyway.

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