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Mizuguchi starts blog

Japanese developer takes time out of his busy schedule designing wacky music-based games to tell us things.

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Legendary Japanese developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi has started a blog on 1UP.

Mizuguchi-san is the brains behind Space Channel 5, Rez and more recently Lumines for PSP and Meteos for DS. He is now working on a project for the next Xbox.

In his first blog entry, Mizuguchi-san reveals his favourite gadgets: a Sony Vaio, a Nikon camera and an iPod. He's also a fan of the PSP, and admits to playing his very own Lumines: "On flights it's quite relaxing to play."

"And once the PSP's wi-fi capabilities are realised, at airports and such places I'll be able to download content and do things I would normally do now on a PC notebook," he adds. "I'm really looking forward to this."

Mizuguchi-san also presents us with an interesting vision of the future: "When I'm 80 years old, I would imagine we'll have headsets embedded in our ears and one terabytes worth of memory implanted in our bodies," he says. "This way I might be better about remembering things."

More Tomorrow's World than Brave New, but we're still a little weirded out. You can read the full entry here.

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