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WOW login issue will be fixed

Blizzard promises to sort it.

Blizzard has admitted to Eurogamer that many World of Warcraft players are still facing problems when they attempt to log into the game - promising that they're doing everything they can to sort it all out.

In an exclusive interview, Blizzard's John Lagave said: "A lot of the login issues are persisting. They're much less than what they were, but we have been having some incredible concurrency with the game itself, and as such that's put quite a bit of burden on the existing hardware that we have."

Lagave said the problems were caused by an influx of new players over the Christmas period, which put additional stress on the servers - a problem Blizzard is now addressing.

"Right now, we are working on a solution on multiple fronts. One of the things we're doing is working on hardware improvements, the system infrastructure that supports World of Warcraft itself. We're upgrading all the hardware continuously," Lagrave said.

"On the bandwidth side, we're also working with network providers in Europe to get the traffic routed better and to deal with issues on their end."

Lagrave suggested that players could be offered compensation in the form of subscription fee-free hours of play, telling us: "It's an ongoing thing that we always do."

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