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Bribe kids to play games!

Something like that anyway.

UK company Gymkids has come up with an excellent new way to get children to play computer games: bribe them with exercise!

As everyone knows, it's getting harder to convince the littluns to do important character-building things like getting all 120 stars in Mario 64 when they want to go and play football instead.

But Gymkids isn't worried, because thanks to the Step2Play and Cyberbike devices, which combine stepping and pedalling with games-playing, the little tykes will be discouraged from going outside and playing in the park and so on and instead dumped in front of the TV where they belong.

"How sad that we have to bribe children," said Dr Ian Campbell, medical director of Weight Concern, speaking to the BBC. "I don't think this is a bad invention but I don't think it's ideal."

The kit's aimed at young kids, from the under-5s right up to mighty old 11 year-olds, and parents can find out more on Gymkids' website.