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DNF date reports nonsensed

3D Realms kindly bats 'em away.

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3D Realms has denounced a product listing for Duke Nukem Forever on Amazon UK that claims that game will be released on December 2nd.

Having spotted the news doing the rounds after the Inquirer picked up on it, we bravely rambled into the 3D Realms forum and discovered that it was being thoroughly shot down by the angry people who live there, including the moderators, who referred everyone to this post:

"There are some common topics you should avoid [...] This includes the latest magazine or website article that claims to know an insider who knows when. They don't. Simple as that. Also, ignore ALL release dates unless you hear them from us. This includes EB Games, Amazon, or anywhere else. We will tell you when it's getting really close, and we will tell you when it's done. We promise."

Duke Nukem Forever is of course the PC first-person shooter sequel to Duke Nukem 3D, which came out opposite id Software's Quake about a billion years ago. 3D Realms has generally always said it'll be ready "when it's done". Remember: it will not be done for December 2nd. Best leave them to it.

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