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SEGA webs Nickelodeon licence

For PC, DS and GBA.

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Those of you up early to see what else SEGA's got in store for E3 can probably head back to bed - today's announcement's a PC, DS and GBA take on Nickelodeon's forthcoming Charlotte's Web film.

Developed by Backbone Entertainment and due out this autumn, Charlotte's Web puts you in the role of Wilbur the pig or Templeton the rat, exploring Zuckerman's barn, a junkyard, the countryside and the County Fair.

You get to help out Charlotte, Wilbur's best friend who needs help finding her spider hatchlings, and Gussy the goose, who can't work out where her goslings are. Who are these idiot parents?

The GBA/DS versions will be full of additional mini-games like Ring Toss and Bumper Cars, says SEGA, while the DS will also offer wireless support for up to four, and an unlockable mini-game where players get to play as Fern and care for Wilbur.

You can see screenshots of the DS version elsewhere on the site, and the game will be at E3.

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