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More Revolution fakes hit the net

Please guys, give it a rest.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

You can tell the Nintendo Revolution anticipation is getting to a few people, as yet another fake sighting of the machine was embarrassingly displayed on the internet last night.

Pictures of the yet-to-be-finalised console were shown off in various places resting in someone's house, innocently lying next to a hub of machines. A bit of close examination turned up some obvious inaccuracies.

There's been a rash of bogus (not to mention tiresome) Revolution sightings popping up in the last few days. Nintendo is unlikely to put the gaming world out of its misery until the end of the year, given the current Japanese launch of mid 2006, followed by a US release at least several months later. Europe will have to sit tight for a confirmed date, as always, the earliest being late 2006, with a mooted early 2007 projection.

Yes, the sound you can now hear is a good few million people, all sighing in exasperation.

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