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Revolution leaks are fake

Calm down, calm down.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

In anticipation of Nintendo's next generation machine, currently dubbed 'Revolution', a couple of recent stories released on the internet detailing images of the machine and its tech demos have been discovered as fakes.

The first supposedly leak was done by a fan on the newsground message boards, who posted he had unveiled the Revolution controller and that "it's actually not [called] 'Revolution' anymore... the new name is the 'Nintendo RS'. This was picked up as a news story on a blogging site and said to represent “a component of the Revolution’s interface”, but later the fan who originally posted the information and image confessed that it was a Photoshopped photo designed to be a joke.

The second 'leak', originally posted on a French games site and parroted around the world, was loosely speculated to be images from Revolution tech demos in Japan detailing high-quality visuals representing the power of Nintendo's console. However, it was discovered that these images were taken from a render gallery using Splutterfish Brazil rendering software, with the offending artwork coming directly from its site in several examples.

With this most recent information debunked, there still remains no true public representation of Revolution's controller or indeed the visuals it can produce, beyond a modest demo shown at this year's E3. With information still sparse, it is expected Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, will confirm more details about the machine at the forthcoming Tokyo Game Show this September.

Nintendo's Revolution is set for a mid 2006 launch.

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