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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Battlefield 2 Night concludes

Eurogamer and EA versus the world. Well, you lot. Join us!

UPDATE 04/08: Thanks to everyone who joined in last night! And apologies to anybody who had the misfortune of riding shotgun in yours truly's jeeps. Always an ill-fated position.

It's that time again! Following the success of our Battlefield 2 event a fortnight ago (in terms of the event, anyway; we didn't exactly distinguish ourselves), Eurogamer staff will be not-exactly-distinguishing-themselves in the shadow of mighty EA UK staffers as we form a grand team to take on Eurogamer's legions of readers. Tonight from 7pm.

As before, the server will be called " :: EA EG Vs The World". You can filter by that name using the in-game server browser, or address it directly at the IP address, port 16668. The password you need to join will be posted exclusively on this website at 7pm, both in this news item and on the forum, and the event will go on until around 9pm - with some of us hanging around afterward to hurl grenades and obscenities at each other in an unofficial capacity.

The maps we will be playing on between 7pm and 9pm are Zatar Wetlands, Daqing Oilfields, Dragon Valley and Dalian Plant, and then after 9pm we'll be able to continue on Gulf of Oman and Kubra Dam. We'll be booting everyone off after the first two maps have been thoroughly explored so that as many people as possible can join in at some point.

So then, join us tonight! BYO Bayonet.

The password to join the server is: grenade