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New Ghost Recon PC details

Webchat reveals all. Well, some.

More details of forthcoming squad-based shooter Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter have come to light following a live webchat last night with a few of the developers.

Apparently the PC version of the game will be strikingly different to its console counterparts - "Content art, sound, technology and gameplay is entirely unique for the PC version. The entire PC version is made exclusively for the PC, and stand alone from the console versions in terms of gameplay," explained lead designer Ulf Andersson.

"The tactical layer of the PC game is much more advanced than the console approach. We have a realtime 3D view of the battle field where you as a squad leader can see the action and plan it real time. This to be able to set up the best tactical approach as the combat and pre combat changes.

"Adding to this we have individual control of 3 team mates and other support troops. This is to design complex flanking and attacking patterns both on the fly and through your tactical interface."

The PC version will feature an exclusive control system, too, which is designed to get you "immersed in the body of Captain M," according to Andersson.

"We are able to control him with great accuracy for both stealth, position in covers and shooting positions. This is what we call the advanced leaning system which allows 8 way leaing, sliding and even diving into cover.

"It is really a tactical sim as you have never seen before on any format," Andersson concluded.

You can read an entire transcript of the webchat over on the Ubisoft forums. And don't forget, GR fans, another chat focussing on the Xbox 360 version is scheduled to take place on December 7th at 5pm GMT.

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter is out on PC, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360 in February.