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BF2 stat-padders stopped

By a very cross EA.

Electronic Arts is taking a stand against naughty Battlefield 2 players who've been using shady tactics to improve their stats.

The rascals have been establishing ranked servers with rules that see players only using knives and pistols, and reviving each other without taking flags.

This means the game saves stats more quickly than normal and players rise through the ranks at a speedier rate - giving them fast access to extra weapons and more chance of beating other would-be commanders to the role.

Battlefield 2 primary tester Colin Clarke sent an email out to ranked servers earlier this week which read: "We have noticed an increase in behaviour where leased servers are being used by clans solely to pad players' stats - even to the extent where clans are institutionalising rules that forbid normal play."

The result is an unlevel playing field, argued Clarke, and therefore such behaviour contravenes the game's terms of service.

EA has said it will take no prisoners - anyone found playing on one of the servers in question will have their stats deleted, and other accounts with the same clan tag will be investigated to see if their owners have also been up to no good. You have been warned...