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Boll welcomes Razzie nomination

He's honoured, no less.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Notorious movie director Uwe Boll has told Eurogamer that he feels honoured to have been nominated for a Golden Raspberry award.

As we reported earlier this week, Boll is up for a worst director Razzie for Alone in the Dark. The film's star, Tara Reid, has also been nominated to receive the worst actress award.

Eurogamer contacted Boll to find out how he felt about being nominated - after all, the Razzies are designed to celebrate the worst achievements in film rather than recognise greatness.

But Boll doesn't see it like that, exactly. "It is a great honour," he told us, adding: "I take every prize I get."

So is there a chance that Boll could turn up to collect his award in person? It's always a possibility - after all, last year Halle Berry attended the Razzies to pick up her trophy for Catwoman and thank Warner Bros. for "casting me in this piece of sh**t", before telling her agent: "Next time, read the script first." We're pretty sure Boll will be at least as vocal if he makes an appearance at this year's event...

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