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Boll nominated for Razzie

Well now, what a surprise.

Notorious movie director Uwe Boll has been nominated to receive the worst director award for game adaptation Alone in the Dark at this year's Razzies.

2006 will mark the 26th anniversary of the Golden Raspberry Awards, which are given out to celebrate the worst achievements in film as an alternative to the Oscars.

Boll isn't the only one who's up for an award - Alone in the Dark star Tara Reid has also been nominated for worst actress. The Rock is up for worst actor for his performance in the Doom movie.

None of this comes as much of a surprise - Alone in the Dark served only to back up the theory that movies based on videogames are never any good at all, and Doom wasn't much cop either.

But could things be about to change? After all, the Roger Avary-scripted adaption of Silent Hill is out this spring, and judging by the trailers it might actually be all right. However, Boll still has a seemingly endless number of videogame movies up his sleeve, including Dungeon Siege and Postal, so let's not get our hopes up.

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