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FFXII, Kingdom Hearts II dated

News from the Square Enix Party.

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Square Enix's latest publicity vehicle, the Square Enix Party, has come and gone in Japan and with it brought more details of several new titles - including release dates for Final Fantasy XII and Kingdom Hearts II.

Final Fantasy XII will be released exclusively on PS2 in Japan on March 16th, 2006, Square Enix said - the company has previously said we can expect to see it released in Europe during 2006 as well.

Kingdoms Heart II will be released in December in Japan, also on PS2. A US release is expected shortly afterward, and we're almost certain to see it in Europe sometime in 2006.

Composer Nobuo Uematsu was also on hand at Square Enix Party to unveil Final Fantasy XII's theme song, written by Uematsu-san with lyrics and vocals from Angela Aki. Called Kiss Me Good-Bye, it was completed two weeks ago and Uematsu-san apparently likes to listen to it in his car.

Meanwhile, 1UP reports that former director Yasumi Matsuno has actually left the project, but there's no word on when or why.

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