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Space Invaders creator back for DS

Space Invaders Revolution is being developed by the man who invented the original, more than 200 years ago now. Roughly.

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Rising Star Games has revealed that Tomohiro Nishikado, otherwise known as the man who created Space Invaders, is developing a new title based around his little babies for the Nintendo DS.

Space Invaders Revolution, originally mooted at Rising Star's own inception, is said to offer "a fresh perspective on the Taito classic, whilst at the same time retaining the essence of one of the most enduring videogames of all time."

Nishikado-san invented the original Space Invaders more than 25 years ago, before pound coins, Blazin' Squad and wireless dual-screen handheld gaming were even on anybody's minds.

"Since 1978, Space Invaders has gone through many iterations - some of which have lost the spirit of the original game," he says.

"With Space Invaders Revolution I wanted the team to take the game back to its roots - whilst at the same time adding features which would appear to modern gamers.

"The result is a game which is as fresh as the original, but which will [appeal] equally well to those too young to remember the arcade game." That'll be us then hem hem.

If it's classic retro blamming you're after, SIR shouldn't disappoint - the arcade version is reproduced in all its glory, and you can choose to play with the stylus or control pad as suits.

Those who prefer their games all fancy and new-fangled will probably want to opt for the New Era mode, which features 13 types of invader and 60 levels. They're set in 20 different locations, ranging from London (shoot invaders bombing Big Ben) to Athens (see off a lone but stupidly well-armed ship destroying the Acropolis). There's a final showdown with the UFO mothership on the moon, which is undoubtedly so hard it's not even funny.

Apparently there are "puzzle elements" involved - you might have to shoot invaders in the correct colour order, for example. More excitingly, there's a huge range of power-ups to play with, including protective shields, rapid-fire shots and laser beams which can clear entire columns.

Oh, and you can combine power-ups - so fire up three lasers and call in your support troops at the same time and you'll blast every last muthafuggin' one of those bogies outta the sky before you can say "Yes, it does sound better than that rubbish PSone version."

Which is handy, since new enemies include gigantic badasses so huge you have to shoot them down piece by piece and 'Shadow Invaders', which can make themselves invulnerable.

"Space Invaders Revolution is a game close to my heart," says Nishikado-san, whilst blaming his watery eyes on hayfever. "I am confident my personal stewardship will help the game live even longer in the hearts of modern games players."

Space Invaders Revolution is due for release by the end of the summer.

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