Space Invaders Revolution

Space Invaders Revolution

Space Invaders Revolution

Reissuing rehashed, retro-redundancy.

Taking an old classic and buffing it up for a new generation is a road we've been down many times before - and it's a road fraught with pitfalls. The kind that jogs our rose tinted spectacles off our nose and causes them to get crushed under the wheels of this unstoppable retro bandwagon. However many times ancient arcade classics get remade, there's something so wonderfully pure and unsullied about the originals that we can't help but plead that the rights holders just let them rest in peace, forever cloaked in glorious fug of our heads.

But nostalgia sells, and yet again a once cutting-edge concept gets dragged out for a reworking and ends up leaving us with a slightly bitter taste in our mouths.

Overseeing the bank balance

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