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Spore coming to handhelds?

Job ad seems to suggest so.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sims creator Will Wright's latest project, Spore, may be spreading to handheld consoles, according to a new job listing that's appeared on

According to the ad, Electronic Arts is seeking an experienced handheld designer who'll be responsible for "designing, creating and maintaining game systems and content for Spore handheld titles."

And there we were thinking Spore would be a PC exclusive. Okay, so there's long been a rumour it's in development for Xbox 360 too, but this is the first we've heard of a handheld version.

Spore tasks you with creating your very own species, evolving a single cell organism into an entire race that will eventually set out to conquer new planets. Little more has been revealed of the title since its surprise unveiling at last year's Game Developer Conference and a behind-closed-doors introduction to the game at E3, and there's still no word of a release date as yet.

As for just which handhelds it'll appear on - that's still anyone's guess...

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