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BAFTA Awards to be on telly

One-hour special in October.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has announced that this year's BAFTA awards, which will take place on 5th October at London's Roundhouse, will be presented by Vernon Kay and filmed by E4 for a one-hour special that will air after the event.

The BAFTAs are increasingly establishing themselves as the industry's leading awards thanks to the widespread support of the videogame industry and sponsors such as ELSPA, TIGA, Nokia N-Gage, PC World and the London Development Agency. The awards committee includes senior executives from industry heavyweights such as Microsoft, Sony, Eidos, Activision, Nintendo, Sega, EA, and Ubisoft, and this year's nominees include Electroplankton, LocoRoco, and a whole host of others.

The one-hour special will initially be broadcast on E4, on 17th October, but will be repeated on Channel 4 as part of T4 on Sunday mornings.

"With The 2006 British Academy Video Games Awards broadcast on E4 we will be reaching the people who are most in touch with the world of videogames," said BAFTA Games committee chairman, Paul Jackson. "This will ensure The British Academy Video Games Awards reach a widespread and relevant audience and provide the benchmark of quality for the year's best games."

The BAFTAs will also feature as part of the forthcoming London Games Festival. For more information visit