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Halo even better on 360?

Bungie hints at enhancements.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Halo developer Bungie has hinted that the hit shooter and its sequel are going to look even better on the Xbox 360.

The author of Bungie's latest weekly update writes that he is "Counting the days" until Microsoft's next-gen console is released, adding: "First thing I am going to do is play Halo one on my HDTV... There is a very slight possibility I might play PGR3 or Perfect Dark Zero first. But then, straight onto Halo one."

And here comes the kicker: "We're going to have more to tell you about how Halo one and two look on 360 - and it's all good news."

Hmm. So that would certainly suggest that we can expect some kind of enhancements - but what form might these take? 720p support, perhaps, or something even more advanced?

Neither Bungie nor Microsoft is saying any more at this stage, so who knows... But any kind of enhanced Halo sounds good to us.

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