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Soul Calibur III: first details

Turns out it will indeed appear on PS2 only. And feature "an unprecedented number of modes", would you believe.

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Sony has announced that the third instalment in the Soul Calibur series will only appear on PS2, confirming reports that Xbox and GameCube owners will miss out.

We're promised that Soul Calibur III will offer "exhilirating sword-fighting action" and "profound" martial arts, complete with the obligatory improved graphics and sound effects.

A Character Creation mode will allow players to customise their own fighter, selecting weapons, gender and occupation, and there are also three new characters to choose from.

Tira (all names to be confirmed) is an "angel of death with a bird-like grace" whose special weapon is the Ring Blade. Setsuka, a "wandering beauty on a lonely journey" who enjoys old movies and long walks in the rain, probably, likes to attack people with a sword she keeps hidden in an umbrella. And finally there's Zasalamel, whose hobbies include gardening, salsa dancing and "dragging those who witness the sharp light from his giant scythe to the abyss of death."

There are more modes to choose from than ever before - ten in total, including Practice, Story and three different types of VS modes. Soul Arena offers varied battles in unique situations, and Museum Mode lets you check out items you've collected and take a look back at the history of the Soul Calibur series.

Sony have yet to announce an exact release date, but Soul Calibur III is expected to arrive in Europe by the end of the year. Expect a hands-on report from E3.

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