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Two Tekken characters to feature in Urban Reign reveals Namco

It's all kicking off.

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Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix from the best-selling Tekken series are to receive playable cameo roles in Namco’s forthcoming multiplayer action brawler Urban Reign, the latest issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu has revealed.

This “take no prisoners” street fighting title is being created by ex-Tekken and Soul Calibur development team members, and will apparently offer “non-stop inner-city brawling” for up to four players at once.

Some 60 playable characters will feature in total, each with around 30 special moves and 50 double attacks. To spice up the variety, each will have their own set of fighting styles including boxing, wrestling and street fighting. So far we’ve established that Brad Hawk, Glen, Dwayne and Lee Shun Ying will star in the game, with many expecting other Namco beat ‘em up stars from the past to make an appearance.

Over 30 weapons will make it into Uran Reign, with player able to whack enemies to smithereens in co-op or competitive modes with bottles, bats and 2 by 4s. With destructible settings including back alleys, rival hideouts, China Town, junk yards and tons more promised, we can expect a game that Bruce Banner himself would be proud to smash up. It's just a shame he's not in it.

As well as standard Versus mode, Urban Reign is set to feature an Object Battle mode, with the premise – shockingly – to destroy objects, while Weapon Battle, unbelievably, lets you duke it out with – wait for it – weapons.

Rumours that Urban Reign will feature punching and kicking are thought to be entirely without foundation.

On a serious note, the game is set for a North American release in September, but a European release has yet to be confirmed. Check back for more news soon.

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