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New Super Meat Boy 360 levels incoming

Plus, PC level editor almost done.

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A fresh batch of levels are heading to the Xbox 360 version of maniac platformer Super Meat Boy after Microsoft finally approved a new patch for the game.

As revealed in a Team Meat Tweet, an update which fixes a number of glitches and bugs in the game has finally gone live today, after more than two months of back-and-forth with Microsoft. Consequently, Team Meat pledged, "we can upload new levels soon!"

According to a recent blog post, Team Meat has lined up a number of like-minded sadists from the indie scene to design level packs, including Bit.Trip studio Gaijin Games, Give Up Robot creator Matt Thorson and I Wanna Be The Guy guy Michael "Kayin" O'Reilly.

One set of new stages has already been made available to Xbox 360 users - The Sewers of Dross back in November.

The always-busy Team Meat also offered an update for PC users waiting on the promised level editor. "Soon, working on it now actually. Should be out in a few weeks... its a HUGE update," outlined a further Tweet.

The vicious, unforgiving Super Meat Boy launched to considerable acclaim late last year – Eurogamer's very own Tom Bramwell wrote 9/10 on its report card.

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