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New Stuntman game in summer

For Xbox 360, PS3, PS2.

The long-awaited Stuntman follow-up has been confirmed for a summer release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PS2 this summer, THQ confirmed today.

Called simply Stuntman: Ignition, it once again puts players in the seat of a Hollywood stuntman, whose job is to do the kind of maniacal things you only see in the movies. It'll be up to you to pull out your best tricks if you want to land the best big-budget and commercial jobs, or win elusive driving tournaments.

25 motors will be usable, including glitzy sports cars, motorbikes (yes, them) and hovercraft. Online you'll be able to battle against other players, on film sets or custom built back-lot arenas, where you can devise your own ridiculous stunt runs that no one else will have a hope of surviving.

"Stuntman: Ignition delivers an addictive blend of death-defying stunts and precision-based driving unlike anything seen before," said Dave Gatchel, general manager of developer Paradigm Studios, conveniently forgetting Reflection's PS2 original from 2002.

"With an action-packed career mode and intense online multiplayer, gamers will have plenty to prove to become Hollywood's next big stuntman," he added.

You might recall that the original Stuntman game was released by Atari. THQ has since bought the rights to the series and used a new developer, Paradigm, to try and breathe new life into the series.

Crash your way over to Eurogamer TV to catch the latest death-defying trailer, or set your self on fire in our gallery whilst looking at the recent screenshots.

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Stuntman: Ignition

PS3, Xbox 360, PS2

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