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New Red Faction on the way

As THQ dates its line-up.

THQ has altered the dates of some of its key titles and officially announced the development of a new Red Faction game.

The words came from a recent financial call held by THQ boss Brian Farrell, which addressed recent money losses and brought several big names forward from 2008 into 2007.

Despite being down USD 9.3 million for the first quarter of fiscal 2008, Farrell was upbeat about the publisher's future, and demonstrated this by announcing a new Red Faction game for PC and consoles. No details were offered, or whether Volition will once again be the developer.

Chances are it may build on the ambitious-but-flawed Geo-Mod technology used in the game, where you could deform the terrain with your high powered weaponry - to a degree, at least. Perhaps THQ now has a game engine that can match the original vision?

Elsewhere, Farrel revealed that THQ has pulled gory hack-and-slasher Conan forward from early 2008. It will now be available on PS3 and X360 this holiday season – October to you and I.

Dirty racer MX vs. ATV Untamed was towed out of 2008, too, and will now appear on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS in December. Farrell was keen to add that it will make use of Nintendo's new steering wheel peripheral as well.

Last but not least was a solid date for dangerous racer Stuntman: Ignition for PS3, Xbox 360 and PS2, now due to appear on 28th August.

Unfortunately THQ was unavailable to comment on the date shifts, or whether they will be the same for Europe.