MX vs. ATV Untamed

Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Eleven

Digital FoundryXbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Eleven

Dark Sector, Superstars, Turning Point, Viking, Condemned, more.

Welcome back to the latest in Eurogamer's continuing range of Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 comparison features, designed to provide additional commentary to the original Eurogamer reviews for each release, while doubling up as an ongoing commentary on the state of cross-platform game development in the new era of high definition gaming.

Supplementing our views are in-depth technical analyses of the titles at hand, backed up by high quality screenshots of each game only possible in the new digital AV age. Lossless 24-bit RGB frame grabs are ruthlessly swiped from the HDMI ports of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Elite using a Digital Foundry HD capture station, the only kit available built from the ground up for videogames in high definition. 720p 'screens' are taken as a matter of course, with 1080p shots also grabbed for comparison purposes when the game in question supports it on PlayStation 3 (that'll be just one then in this feature).

Yes, you're all waiting for the GTAIV face-off, and we have something special lined up for that, but in the meantime, perhaps we can tempt you with this delicious range of cross-platform fancies?

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MX vs. ATV Untamed

MX vs. ATV Untamed

A bit wild.

You might not convulse with pleasure at the sight of labels like MX (motocross) and ATV (quad bikes), but when brought together with buggies, 4x4s and monster trucks and vast tracks full of huge jumps, as they are in Rainbow Studios' MX vs. ATV Untamed, the result should be closer to something like MotorStorm. And you know how we love MotorStorm.

Untamed does bring them together on one track every now and then, but it also allows you to tackle them separately, emphasising the distinctive qualities of each. Riding motocross bikes and ATVs around tight stadium courses demands that you preserve speed to string big jumps together with soft landings, or else come undone.

When you go properly off-road with the bigger rides, as well as racing around set courses on broader all-terrain tracks, you also get to tackle waypoint-based races that take the rails off completely and involve navigating between huge rugby posts dotted around a few square miles, and preserving speed is again important, but uncovering the optimal route is more decisive across three massive laps.

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Demo Roundup - 28th Jan to 4th Feb

Conflict, Katamari, DMC4.

It's been another bare week for demos. But I stood up on a surfboard in the freezing cold waters of Cornwall. That made me happy, at least until I fell off and hit my back on a rock and tried not to cry. You could say I had a bit of conflict with the water, which is interesting, as Conflict: Denied Ops is one of the new samplers to tell you about.

THQ takes off-road next-gen

Shows MX vs. ATV Untamed.

THQ has announced plans to roll up its sleeves and get downright filthy with a new MX vs. ATV game for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS.