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New Street Fighter 5 stage lets you fight on the wings of a flying plane


Street Fighter 5 gets a new stage today - and it lets you fight on the wings of a flying plane.

Rashid's Skies of Honor stage rekindles memories of the Corneria stage from Smash Bros. It takes place on the wings of Rashid's plane as it flies over a city.

Ahead of the release of the new stage, the Street Fighter 5 mods YouTube channel dug into the game and put together a video that shows how it plays.

Watch on YouTube

The background looks like it could be a pretty big distraction, as the plane tilts and flies in between skyscrapers. But I imagine when you're playing, your eyesight will be focused squarely on the characters, so you may not even notice the movement. Still, just watching the stage on YouTube makes me feel a tad nauseous. Will it be banned at tournaments, as the Kanzuki Family Beach stage and the Training stage are?

Also, if you look closely you can see a cloud effect as the plane and the characters move through the sky, which is a nice touch.

The Skies of Honor stage costs 70,000 Fight Money (the in-game currency) or $3.99.

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