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New randomiser mod adds considerable challenge to Breath of the Wild

For Champions only.

If you're looking to up the challenge in Breath of the Wild with a novel way to play, then look no further than a new randomiser.

Developed by Waikuteru, the mod will be made available for free on Christmas - what a lovely gift!

As is typical with randomisers, the mod changes the way items are acquired. Be it through opening chests, gifts from NPCs or drops from enemies, the items you receive are completely random.

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That means you could grab some powerful armour early on in the game, or find some handy crafting material when you least expect it.

But there's far more to this particular randomiser.

"I aimed to expand the definition of a 'randomiser' for this legendary game... So I built a new system which I named 'The Randomiser Cycle'," explains Waikuteru.

That means randomising many other elements of the game, as the mod cycles through different options to change the game on the fly.

That includes random enemy spawns anywhere on the map with randomised weapons; prohibitions on eating, resting, and saving; changing the time of day and weather effects; removing equipment and receiving items; and many more.

It will certainly add a new layer of challenge for Zelda pros.

The mod will additionally include a 'Goal Mode' where players must fulfil a random goal in order to access the final fight with Ganon.

For more details and to support Waikuteru, visit the Patreon page. And check out the full video below for the randomiser mod in action.

Watch on YouTube

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