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New Pokémon Snap length explained: How long is New Pokémon Snap?

How long will it take you to become a Pokémon photography master?

The length of New Pokémon Snap is probably one of the facts you're wondering about if you still haven't decided whether or not you want to play the game, especially if you're familiar with the short length of the original game.

To help you out, this covers how long the storyline for New Pokémon Snap is and how many courses the Lental region contains. Hopefully this will help you decide whether you wish to become a Pokémon photographer.

If, however, you're already planning on playing the game, then check out our New Pokémon Snap walkthrough which contains a variety of tips and tricks to help you get started.

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Cover image for YouTube videoNew Pokémon Snap - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch
New Pokémon Snap - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

New Pokémon Snap length: How long does it take to beat New Pokémon Snap?

How long it takes you to complete the storyline for New Pokémon Snap depends on how good you are at Pokémon photography and whether you're focusing solely on the story or wandering off to complete other tasks.

If you're focusing on completing the storyline, then New Pokémon Snap should take you roughly 10 to 13 hours.

After you've completed the storyline, you can continue increasing the Research Levels for various courses, experimenting with the photo editing mode and completing the LenTalk requests of which there are over 100. These tasks will provide hours more fun beyond the game's story. You can also upload your favourite photos to the Internet for Pokémon photographers around the world to see and even hand out Sweet Medals to other players if you like their photos.

How many courses are there in New Pokémon Snap?

To keep this section as spoiler free as possible, we're only going to reveal that New Pokémon Snap contains at least 23 courses spread across the Lental region. This number includes the day and night versions of the same course, which will help you find new Pokémon.

You'll unlock these courses naturally as you explore the Lental region and complete objectives in New Pokémon Snap's storyline.

It's also important to remember that each course has a number of Research Levels. Increasing a course's Research Level will allow you to find new Pokémon and ones you've previously seen demonstrating new behaviours.

If you'd like to learn more about New Pokémon Snap, then check out our walkthrough guide.

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