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New PAL Releases Roundup

Not much to get excited about.

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Like the ugly one in a pop group, budget and download releases continue to sing best in an otherwise sexually acrobatic but rancid August. Good work Braid and PixelJunk Eden. And Virtua Tennis 3 on PS3 Platinum doesn't hurt either.

The full-price story's rather different. There are tardy conversions (Beijing on PC, GRID on DS), but otherwise it's all for the DS and PS2, which says it all really.

In all likelihood, things won't have improved much by the time we reconvene next week either, although the latest Madden and Hellboy adventures may do the trick for some people, and Kristan's currently smogging his way through Summer Athletics to see how that performs.

Until then, here's the list. And download Braid!

This week:

  • Beijing 2008 (PC)
  • Growlanser (PS2)
  • Imagine Girl Band (DS)
  • Race Driver: GRID (DS)
  • Shining Stars Super Starcade (DS)
  • The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (PS2, DS)

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