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New Doom campaign footage revealed on Conan O'Brien

Blood bowl.

Bethesda premiered a few minutes of new Doom gameplay footage last night on Conan O'Brien

The late night talk show host and former The Simpsons scribe was joined by none other than the Denver Broncos' Von Miller, Carolina Panthers' Josh Norman, and eventually Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch to blast their way through the demons of hell in id Software's upcoming shooter.

Cover image for YouTube videoClueless Gamer Super Bowl Edition: "Doom" | CONAN on TBS

We don't see a ton of story content, but we do get to see all sorts of incredibly goofy, gory kill animations. For example, you can: punch a monster's head off; use a chainsaw to slice through a foe's limbs, torso, or cut their cranium clean off at the mouth; or rip out an demon's heart, stuff it in its mouth, then wait for it to explode.

Towards the end of the session Miller and Norman compete over who can stay alive the longest, but upon closer examination it appears that this is an external challenge among friends rather than a wave-based survival mode as Norman is able to stay alive just by hiding in the corner and remaining idle before the battle begins.

Doom will launch on 13th May for PS4, Xbox One and PC.