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New Disney Infinity to feature Marvel, Star Wars?

Sightings and reports suggest so.

Disney Infinity might have fallen flat but the potential was there - "only ever one great expansion away", we wrote in our review.

That expansion - or even perhaps a sequel - may be close at hand.

The Wall Street Journal heard (via All Games Beta) that Star Wars and Marvel versions of the game were in development.

Should think he'll be a shoo-in for the bright, colourful box.

Separately, a QA job advert for Infinity developer Avalanche (via FamilyGamer TV) suggested there was a new game that needed testing in time for the autumn, and mentioned Xbox One and PS4 as well as PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

Disney Infinity, remember, uses a Skylanders toys-and-game concept but themes virtual playgrounds around the characters and licenses they belong to. The starter pack that launched last autumn contained Sulley from Monsters Inc/University, Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean films, and Mr Incredible from The Incredibles.

Presumably a Disney Infinity 2 could contain a Marvel superhero, a Star Wars character and another character to achieve the same kind of effect. But which characters, hmm?

Despite not immediately rewriting the history books, Disney Infinity has been a success of sorts for Disney, selling 3m copies and helping the company to a rare profit, wrote the Wall Street Journal.

Disney Infinity will remain a critical part of Disney Interactive, then, but elsewhere in the 3000 company there will be layoffs - several hundred of them, again according to WSJ. The social gaming business Playdom will apparently be a target.

All of this comes a day before Disney is due to reveal its quarterly financial results.

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