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New details on Star Trek Online combat

Direct ship control, Vulcan nerve pinch is in.

In the latest edition of Ask Cryptic, the MMO developer has let slip a few more details on how combat will work in Star Trek Online.

In terms of ship combat, the developer has confirmed that it won't be a point-and-click system like EVE Online's. You'll have direct control of your ship's movements, perhaps more like Pirates of the Burning Sea's excellent naval combat.

"A large portion of starship combat in Star Trek Online is tactical - manoeuvring your ship into position so you protect your vital systems as you attack your opponent's weakest side. You need to be in control of your ship in order for that to work well and be fun," said the developer.

As for hand-to-hand combat, Cryptic confirmed that it won't only be the phasers seen in the Star Trek Online launch trailer, and melee combat won't be restricted to Klingons.

"Klingons will be more melee-oriented, but both factions will have access to hand-to-hand attacks using either martial arts or weapons. Our plan is to allow all of the melee weapons to be available to both factions, but it may be more difficult for a Federation character to obtain a bat'leth or a Klingon Empire character to acquire a lirpa," Cryptic said.

"Your skills will determine how effective you are with melee weapons - a Federation character may be able to pick up a bat'leth and use it, but without training he or she will be less effective than a Klingon who has studied the use of the weapon. And certain martial arts may be limited by faction or race - not everyone can perform a Vulcan nerve pinch."

The post also suggests that, "because of the political situation in 2409", Klingons won't be able to join the Federation or vice versa. Plenty more information over at the Star Trek Online site.