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New Dead Space 2 MP suits this weekend

But you'll have to frag a dev for one.

PlayStation 3 Dead Space 2 users are getting the chance to pick up two new multiplayer suits this weekend. However, getting your hands on them won't be easy.

From 7.00pm GMT this Saturday, Visceral Games staffers will be hosting a multiplayer 'Game with Developers' session. If you manage to dispatch a Visceral staffer you'll unlock one of two new suits: White Tiger Stripe or Viral Blue.

These outfits will then go viral – if somebody kills you, they'll win it too.

Publisher EA hasn't announced plans to bring the suits to the PC or Xbox 360 versions as of yet.

While announcing the session on the PlayStation Blog, executive producer Steve Papoustis offered a few post-launch thoughts on how the sequel's multiplayer has been faring in the wild.

"So far the reaction to multiplayer has been mixed: some people really love it and others have yet to discover how much fun it can be," he admitted, before sharing some tips on how to get ahead.

"The best thing I can tell folks is to play as a team and communicate. Dead Space 2's MP was designed around both co-operation and competition, you won't have much fun if you run off like some Space Marine Bozo; you will get TORN UP. Work with your teammates, co-ordinate as you move towards your objectives and remember a team that plays together will generally win."

Eurogamer's Simon Parkin awarded Visceral's space horror a glowing 9/10 review last month when it launched on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last month, though the multiplayer modes were not made available for testing.