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Neverending Nightmares Kickstarter has a happy ending

More like Imminently Ending Wet Dream, amirite?

Retro/Grade developer Matt Gilgenbach's disarmingly personal psychological horror affair, Neverending Nightmares, managed to squeak past its $99K Kickstarter goal with $106,722 mere hours before the deadline.

This is pretty incredible as a week ago the project had only acquired 52 per cent of its funding, and it only crept up to 64 per cent with four days left on the clock. Eventually, the project hit a snag where it appeared to be funded, but only due to an error where someone's $95 pledge was misconstrued as $9500 because they wrote "95,00" rather than "$95.00." Oops! It looks like that's been sorted, but it threatened to derail the campaign as prospective backers probably thought it had already hit its goal.

Since the game is going to launch on Ouya first, the Android-based console manufacture will match its Kickstarter funds as per its Free the Games promotion, so Neverending Nightmares will actually get a total of $213, 444. Not too shabby.

"Wow! You guys are the greatest backers any Kickstarter project has ever had," Gilgenbach exclaimed in his victory update. "I really mean that. I actually slept really poorly last night, so I am having trouble making sense of anything, but all that I know is I am extremely happy and I have you to thank!"

Besides Retro/Grade, Gilgenbach worked on Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, and he recently released the novel free puzzler, A Mobius Proposal, which was the game he created as part of an elaborate (and successful) marriage proposal.

Neverending Nightmares is expected to launch next August on Ouya with PC, Mac and Linux versions to follow.

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