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Netflix developing big budget PC game

Job descriptions mention use of Unreal Engine and live services.

Netflix is developing a triple-A PC game, based on recent job listings posted for its game studio.

The job openings are available at the newly-formed Los Angeles developer, Netflix Games Studio, which was announced by the company's vice president of gaming Mike Verdu last month. The team is being lead by former Overwatch executive producer Chacko Sonny.

Listings for project directors, a lead engineer, and a live service analyst at Netflix Games Studio were spotted earlier today (thanks, Mobilegamer.biz).

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The studio is looking for an experienced game director, technical director, art director, live service analyst, and lead engineer. The project is described as a "brand-new triple-A PC game" built on Unreal Engine, and is specifically described as a third-person action RPG in the job description for lead engineer.

There are also suggestions Netflix wants to create media tie-ins for the game, as responsibilities for the game director include developing a narrative "worthy of a Netflix film/TV series", maintaining a single source of truth for the game's lore, and helping expand the project into "other" media. Responsibilities for the live service analyst role include analysis of free-to-play and live service games.

These are the first details we've seen of a first-party Netflix game, and its expansion outside of mobile games. The company's mobile gaming offerings are steadily increasing, as the service recently added Spiritfarer and Desta: The Memories Between. Its in-house Helsinki studio aims to develop original games "with no ads or in-app purchases" to join the Netflix library.