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Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 was a one-off

"A once in a lifetime experience."

It's widely viewed as one of the greatest games of this, or any, console generation – and now even its creator believes Uncharted 2 was a one-off.

Speaking to Eurogamer TV about Naughty Dog's magnum opus, game designer Jacob Minkoff said: "Uncharted 2 was a once in a lifetime experience. You can't hope to have such incredible synergy of amazing people working together, creating this genre-defining product."

Nevertheless, faced with the not inconsiderable challenge of meeting expectations with the sequel, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, the studio's ambition is to "surpass it" and "make sure Uncharted 3 outdoes [UC2] in every way possible".

It's a tall order for one of the biggest releases of 2011, but the studio is preparing to make a big splash at a certain US games event in June.

"We'll have a lot of really exciting stuff to show people at E3," Minkoff teased. "I'm not really allowed to say more about where we are but, trust me, we're going to blow you away at E3."

To hear more from Minkoff on the lengths the studio is going to with 3D support in Uncharted 3 (possibly the most impressive use of the tech on PS3 Eurogamer has laid eyes on), and why it's the "future" of gaming, check out the video interview below.

Naughty Dog: Why 3D is the future.

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