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Naughty Dog details The Last of Us Part 1's PC features and system requirements

Ahead of this month's launch.

The Last of Us Part 1's PC release is almost upon us, and ahead of its arrival on 28th March, Naughty Dog has revealed its platform-specific enhancements and system requirements.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, The Last of Us Part 1 will feature a full suite of adjustable graphics options on PC, enabling players to tinker with the likes of frame rate caps, texture quality, shadows, reflections, and ambient occlusion in their quest for optimal performance.

There's also 21:9 Ultrawide and 32:9 Super Ultrawide monitor support, and compatibility with various technologies, including AMD FSR 2.2, Nvidia DLSS Super Resolution, and 3D audio.

The Last of Us Part I - PC features trailer.Watch on YouTube

As for input options, Sony (as you might imagine) touts wired DualSense controller support, but notes The Last of Us Part 1 also works with a wide range of other gamepads, alongside keyboard and mouse. It promises a selection of control customisation options, including control remapping, primary and secondary bindings for keyboard and mouse control, plus an adaptive mode combining keyboard and controller inputs.

And that's pretty much it as far as PC-centric new features go, but Sony has also detailed The Last of Us Part 1's PC system requirements across a selection of performance targets.

Sony's official The Last of Us Part 1 PC system requirements.

At the bottom 'Minimum' end of the scale, players can expect 30fps at 720p using the Low preset on a Radeon 470 or GTX 970/1050 Ti, while players able to match Sony's Recommended specs can anticipate 60fps at 1080p using the High preset. And finally, right at the 'Ultra' end - where an RX 7900XT or Nvidia RTX 4080 is advised - 60fps at 4K using Ultra preset should be possible. It's worth noting, too, that The Last of Us Part 1 requires a fairly significant amount of SSD real-estate at 100GB, regardless of settings.

The Last of Us Part 1 comes to PC on 28th March, but if it all seems like too much effort, you can always just save yourself a load of time by reading Eurogamer news reporter Victoria Kennedy's exhaustive weekly recap of HBO's live-action TV adaptation. You'll feel just like you're there!

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