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Natural Selection 2 earns $1 million in its first week

Survival of the funnest.

Unknown Worlds' shooter/strategy hybrid Natural Selection 2 has gotten off to a rousing start grossing over $1 million in its first week on the market.

Released for PC on Steam on 31st October, the game sold 144,000 copies in its first week, earning over $1 million for the San-Francisco-based indie developer. That's quite a lot when one considers the size of the team, comprised of eight full-time staff and 13 outsourced contributors.

An infographic from Unknown Worlds breaks down where the game sold the most. North America accounts for 44 per cent of units sold, while Western Europe accounts for another 39 per cent. Country-wise the US was head and shoulders the biggest buyer of Natural Selection 2, while Australia and the UK came in second and third respectively.

When one looks at a nation's per capita sales-rate, Iceland clearly came out the most Natural Selection 2 obsessed.

Curiously, the special editions of the game were most sought after by Singapore, Switzerland and Honk Kong.

Natural Selection 2 will have its first large-scale competitive event on 10th November to determine the European champion. It will be streamed on Twitch TV at 7p.m. GMT.

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