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Got any money left? It's the last day of the venerated Steam Sale, dubbed "Encore Day", for which the most popular deals have been brought back.

Natural Selection 2 review

Natural Selection 2 review

Combat evolved?

In theory, on paper, in your mind, or in just about any space that isn't the physical, real world, Natural Selection 2 is a gleaming beacon of what can happen when people shrug off the shackles of just one genre and let something new and interesting gestate in their minds for a few years. It blends real-time strategy and first-person shooting in a multiplayer game that takes the best of both worlds and runs with them. It's something very special. But that special something is often ruined by that most unpredictable of things - human beings.

Pitting Marines against the animalistic alien 'Swarm', it's every bit an FPS if you choose to go that route, and one that is drenched in a thick alien mucous of atmosphere. As a marine, you jump at shadows and sneak around corners with your flashlight trembling, terrified that you're about to be pounced on by something with far too many teeth and far too little empathy.

As an alien, you're always the vulnerable predator, desperate to close the gap between the marines' deadly assault rifles and your lethal jaws. Get up close and the fight is in your favour, so as the default dog-like Lurk you scramble up walls, hide in vents, and generally try to find an angle that the marines aren't watching. With both sides playing an utterly different game, it's asymmetry at its best.

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Eurogamer Expo to host Rezzed PC and Indie Games Zone

Play Hotline Miami, Prison Architect, Natural Selection 2 and many others.

One of the things people said to us when we did Rezzed in Brighton in July was, "This is cool! Why don't you have something like this at the Eurogamer Expo?" And so, as part of our grand plan to make the Expo all things to all people, we're taking that on board and bringing Rezzed to the Expo show floor!

VideoWatch the Natural Selection 2 Rezzed developer session

Unless you HATE awesome asymmetrical team-based shooters with aliens and stuff.

There aren't enough games where you get view things from inside the mouth of an alien. Fortunately, there is at least one: Unknown Worlds' splendid-looking multiplayer shooter Natural Selection 2, where our friends from outer space do bloody battle with space marines.

VideoRezzed Sessions: Natural Selection 2

Hugh Jeremy from Unknown Worlds introduces mod-turned-awesome-assymetrical-team-shooter Natural Selection 2.

Hugh Jeremy from Unknown Worlds introduces mod-turned-awesome-assymetrical-team-shooter Natural Selection 2.

Natural Selection 2 developer session at Rezzed

"Rezzed is about to get up close and personal to some xenomorph evolution."

"Oh my god will they ever shut up about this show?" Yes! But not until it's over! In the meantime, we have a few more bits and bobs to reveal for Rezzed, including the news today that Unknown Worlds will be showcasing Natural Selection 2 in another of our scintillating developer sessions.