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Eurogamer Expo to host Rezzed PC and Indie Games Zone

Play Hotline Miami, Prison Architect, Natural Selection 2 and many others.

One of the things people said to us when we did Rezzed in Brighton in July was, "This is cool! Why don't you have something like this at the Eurogamer Expo?" And so, as part of our grand plan to make the Expo all things to all people, we're taking that on board and bringing Rezzed to the Expo show floor!

What does that mean? Well, it means that if you come to this year's Eurogamer Expo (27th-30th September at Earls Court, London - I may have mentioned this a few times recently), you will discover that there's a dedicated Rezzed PC and Indie Games Zone featuring a bunch of playable PC and independent titles.

The aim is to recapture the vibe from Rezzed the show within the bustling Eurogamer Expo. You'll be able to play Hotline Miami (Eurogamer's Rezzed Game of the Show), Prison Architect (Introversion Software), Natural Selection 2 (Unknown Worlds), Guns of Icarus (Muse), Strike Suit Zero (Born Ready) and Carrier Command: Gaea Mission (Bohemia Interactive).

Not only that, but the Rezzed Zone will play host to our biggest ever Indie Games Arcade, sponsored by SEGA. The Indie Games Arcade will feature 16 new independent games in a selection curated by editors of Eurogamer.net and Rock, Paper, Shotgun. (If you're a developer then you can find out more about how to be considered elsewhere on the site.)

As you will have seen, we've also included a bunch of big PC and indie developers on this year's developer sessions schedule. The feedback from last year - and from Rezzed - was that you want to see more of this, so we'll only too happy to make it so.

The Eurogamer Expo is now less than a month away, which is a bit terrifying. You can find out more and buy tickets at www.eurogamerexpo.com.