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Prince of Persia for XBLA

Ubi remakes 1989 classic.

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Ubisoft has announced that it will release a remake of the original Prince of Persia on Xbox Live Arcade early this summer.

Prince of Persia Classic is being developed by Gameloft, the French mobile gaming specialist responsible for the mobile versions of Ubi's recent Prince of Persia trilogy: The Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones.

The game will give Jordan Mechner's influential 1989 creation a 21st-century graphical overhaul, presenting its pinpoint-precise 2D platforming with 3D characters, environments and lighting. The effect is strongly reminiscent of the recent Prince games, and rather gorgeous, as we think you'll agree.

On top of the cosmetic changes, there will be a few new traps, puzzles and enemies thrown in to keep Prince veterans on their toes.

The original Prince of Persia gave players 60 minutes to rescue the Princess from her fate at the hands of the evil Vizier - either marry him, or die.

Head over to our Prince of Persia Classic gamepage for the latest trailer and screenshots.

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