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N+ handheld game is US-only

Still, easy enough to import.

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Atari has told Eurogamer this afternoon that the DS and PSP remake of Flash game N will only be available accross the US.

Still, given that handheld games have no quarrels about working outside their own region, you could always import it.

The game's based around a ninja called N who has to run and jump his way around levels collecting gold and opening doors using switches. If you can find the exit to the level then you win. But it's not as easy as it sounds, as you'll be up against the clock and various obstacles as you try and complete the hundreds of progressively more difficult stages.

Silverbirch will be creating the handheld version, adding competitive and cooperative multiplayer to the mix, as well as the all important level editor. This will let you get creative with the stylus, then share your maps with players all around the world, ensuring there's always a steady stream of new content.

"N+ takes all the great elements of the flash game, from the amazing acrobatics to the simple-but-fast gameplay, and adds an impressive set of new features," said Stephen Baer, senior global product manager of Atari. "With full support for wireless multiplayer, cartridge sharing ability, downloadable content and community leader boards, gamers will be able to settle, once and for all, who is the greatest ninja."

You can download the original game over at the N website - and the file's tiny, so there's really no reason not to. Creator Metanet is also teaming up with Klei Entertainment to create a Live Arcade version, which is expected in the fourth quarter of the year.

N+ is due for release on PSP and DS in November 2007.

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