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Myth of Empires and Ark developers settle legal dispute

The former will be back on sale in early 2024.

Image credit: Snail Games

Myth of Empires developer Angela Game and Ark: Survival Evolved publisher Snail Games have come to a settlement agreement after two years of litigation.

In December 2021, Snail Games successfully requested a DMCA takedown of Myth of Empires from Steam, alleging copyright infringement. Shortly after, Angela Game filed a lawsuit requesting a jury trial and sued Snail Games for damages.

The two companies, as well as Ark developer Studio Wildcard, have come to a settlement agreement and will work together on the redistribution of Myth of Empires, as spotted by Angela Game will pay royalty payments from the game to Snail Games.

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In a joint press release, Angela Game president Yi Leng Zheng said the studio "acknolwedges that it caused difficulties for Snail's business". Studio Wildcard co-founder Doug Kennedy stated the company is "pleased to announce this settlement agreement and facilitate the re-release of Myth of Empires".

Snail Games will withdraw its DMCA notice against Myth of Empires, and assist Angel Game in re-releasing the game on PC and console in early 2024. Angela Games is also set to develop "a steady cadence of DLC and expansion packs" for the game in partnership with Snail Games USA.

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